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Kathryn & Alexandra designs and creates the world's finest, custom-made traditional and historic themed wedding gowns. Our meticulously constructed, handcrafted gowns evoke the majesty, joy and elegance that radiates the essence of the bride's soul.

Our gowns are custom-created, individually for each bride, to her measurements and specifications. For this reason, we can accommodate any size, from petite to plus-size, and any design or fabric changes you desire.

We generally require 60-90 days to bring each order to completion.

Medieval wedding gowns
Custom Wedding gowns
Theme wedding gowns
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historic wedding gowns
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Theme wedding gowns
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The idea for Kathryn and Alexandra came from my own wedding gown. I created a gown for myself that lived my childhood fantasy of being Guinevere, but combined with more current interests. It was a medieval gown, made of white deer skin and embellished with seashells I collected on a shore and rhinestones because I love sparkle. I called it my "spirit dress". I had never felt I was a very pretty woman, but when I put that gown on and looked at myself in the mirror, I saw only beauty. And I thought, "every woman should feel this way about herself". As so, the bridal collection was born.
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The Emmy Awards
have honored our designer, Laurie Rudd Haluska, for "contributions to outstanding costuming."

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