Period Themed Bridal Gowns


"Adorning the body to express the heart" .. this is designer Laurie Haluska's belief about what a wedding gown needs to do. Coming from a 35 year career in professional costume design and construction for theater, film, and fabulous presentation balls in the south, Laurie defines costume design as "the art of dressing a person so the audience knows who they are". She brings that creative expression to the world of bridal design. Her inspiration for her bridal line came from her own wedding, when, as a bride herself, she wanted her gown to express her heart and soul: a gown that communicated her essence and expressed what she was bringing to the marriage. Then she wanted to expand on that: she wanted other brides to have that same opportunity... to express themselves through their bridal gown.

All of her gowns are custom designed and hand crafted individually for each bride. The process begins with design conferences mostly through email, but also by phone, and then a design packet is sent to the bride with a sketch and fabric swatches collected from various suppliers of silks, specialty fabrics, laces and trims. The relationship between the designer and bride is a very special one. Laurie sees her role as one of being of service to the bride, assisting her with bringing her dreams to life through the creation of her bridal gown. Knowing that the bridal gown is generally the first and most important aspect of the wedding, and that the bride has most times been dreaming about this her whole life, Laurie feels honored by the trust the brides put in her.

Once the design has been determined, the fabrics chosen, and the process of the actual creating begun, Laurie loves it when the brides come to Walla Walla for a fitting. She knows that the designing of the gown is only the starting place and feels the true art is in the actual creation or construction, working with the fabrics, achieving a fabulous fit... and things often evolve in fittings, like, once the bride can see the partially constructed gown on her body and watches in the mirror as the design lines and trims are pinned in the places that most flatter her, it's common for new inspirations to come and minor changes to be made as the gown comes to life.

And what could be better than coming to Walla Walla? Being a quaint little town in the heart of Washington wine country, visiting here is a luxury, and could be the time when the bride also visits restaurants, spas, photographers, hotels or inns, bakeries, florists and tours wineries; essentially designing the entire wedding while relaxing and taking in the serene, nurturing setting. If she is a wine enthusiast, the bride could schedule her fitting around one of the many wine weekends like spring or fall release, or barrel tasting the early December.

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